Responsible Recycling That Helps Your Community

Whether you are an individual, a business, or a government organization, NERDiT Recycles can help you responsibly dispose of your old IT devices.



Secure Your Data

NERDiT Recycles can come to you with our mobile hard-disk service, or you can ship your devices to our recycling center. Either way, the first step in our recycling process is to destroy all data from your devices giving you peace of mind.


EPA Approved

Over 500 state and federal regulations govern the process of IT recycling. NERDiT Recycles ensures you are in compliance as you minimize your waste footprint. We are the first R2 certified recycling enter in the State of Delaware.



We are a unique recycling center. Our workforce development programs, and community tech donations ensure that when you recycle with NERDiT you are helping to create the next generation of tech skills, IT Careers, and empowered students.

We make recycling easy

Its never been easier to help your community, obey the law, and securely and responsibly recycle your electronics.

Discuss your Need

Schedule and introductory call with NERDiT Recycles and to determine the set of services that are right for you.

Schedule Recycling Day

We can come to you with our mobile service or take your devices at our R2-Certified Recycling Center (the first ever approved in the State of Delaware)

Breathe Easy

When you work with NERDiT, you can rest assured that you have securely and responsibly recycled your IT while contributing to the futures of our communities Assets, Image and icons.

Our Expertise

Professional, Reliable, and At Your Service

We know replacing IT equipment is an important process for your business. We are here to help you make sure that you follow all applicable laws and regulations while taking care of your data and your firm. Check out all the ways NERDiT Recycles can work with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NERDiT Recycles is happy to work with individuals and families looking to safely dispose of old electronics. You can drop your devices off at any NERDiT Now location or mail them. Contact Us.

NERDiT is capable of handling the needs of your business regardless of size. It doesn’t matter if you have a few old computers to get rid of or are replacing 10,000 machines, our recycling center ensures the process is safe, reliable, and easy for you. Book a Consultation.

R2 stands for Responsible Recycling and is an international standard set by SERI (Sustainable Electronics Recycling International) and recognized by all relevant US and State government agencies. R2 is designed to go beyond just “managing” e-waste to “preventing” it. When you work with a certified R2 recycler you help our planet move toward the crucial “zero e-waste” goal. Get a Quote.

NERDiT Recycles is the first certified R2 Recycler in Delaware and one of only a handful in the region. But what really makes NERDiT unique is the ways we work with communities to close the digital, income and wealth divides leveraging programs administered by our partner nonprofit NERDiT Cares. First, as we recycle we train young people building their tech careers and help them obtain iT certifications and skills while paying them a living wage. Next, we donate recycled devices to families, nonprofits, and community centers that ensure that parents and students who need a computer for work, education, medical necessity, and beyond can get that device along with training and support to improve their lives. When you recycle with NERDiT you are contributing to a sustainable future for communities local and global. Learn More about NERDiT Cares.

Responsible Recycling that Bridges the Tech Divide

NERDiT Cares, our partner nonprofit, recruits and trains unemployed and underemployed young people from communities that often see less access to technology (both devices and skills). They work with our Recycling Center to earn a living wage while attaining critical IT Certifications that help them build careers. Moreover, NERDiT Cares takes recycled devices and donates them back into the community where they can help students and parents, work, study, and live.