Recycling for Businesses


Recycling tech has never been more important to your business

Working with NERDiT Recycles gives you a partner you can trust.

Save Money and Reduce Waste

We do not charge you for base recycling services and none of your electronics will be dumped in a landfill or, worse yet, a developing country.

Secure your Data

We offer both onsite and offsite data destruction services as needed. Protect your customers and protect your business by working with a Responsible Recycler.

Obtain a Partner

We work with you to plan the entire life cycle of your tech, from old servers to damaged notebooks, we have the expertise and skills to make your life easier.

Promote Social and Corporate Responsibility

By Working with NERDiT, you create jobs, help train youth for new careers, accept stewardship of the planet, and get more deeply involved in your community.


NERDiT Recycles offers the following services. All of our operations are certified to meet the world-class R2 Standard

When your electronic devices reach the end of their useful life, NERDiT Recycles is your trusted partner. Our R2 Recycling Certification and Zero eWaste Commitment allows you to rest assured that your devices will never end up in a landfill and that all data will be properly destroyed.

We are happy to arrange device diagnostic testing services. Our certified technicians can help you determine what repairs you might need to get your tech back in the field.

Customers love working with NERDiT Recycles because our services go way beyond just end-of-life recycling. We are often able to salvage and/or repair older devices. In fact, we contribute to donating over 3,000 repaired/salvaged devices a year to families living without technology. When you work with NERDiT Recycles you help your community close the Digital Divide.

One of the major considerations for end of life IT Asset Destruction (ITAD) is the security of your data. Our process is R2 Certified and audited so you can rest assured that your data has been securely destroyed.

We are happy to work with you to destroy hard drives onsite. If you would like to quote Mobile Hard Disk Shredding services. Reach out today.

Our technicians can provide services at your place of business or at our recycling center. Either way you will be guaranteed the NERDiT standard of care.

NERDiT Recycles is happy to work with community medical providers or individuals to assure the safe disposition of specialized medical technology.

No matter what kind of tech and equipment you are working with, we can help you recycle it responsibly. Protect our community and our planet while supporting a local business and local families.

Our vision

Authentic Corporate Responsibility

When you work with NERDiT, you work with your community. 

  • Maintain regulatory and legal compliance
  • Protect customers, employees, and your business
  • At least 50% of your recycled tech will be donated to families, nonprofits, and schools.
  • Local Impact on Global Problems. Your choices can help reduce E-waste across the planet and close the tech and wealth divides in your community

Onsite Services

Repairs, Secure Data Destruction, and other ITAD services can be performed onsite at your request.


Offsite Services

 Drop off your devices and rest secured in our certified R2 Recycling process

NERDiT Recycles specializes in meeting the needs of all companies

Industries Served

Financial Services