Recycling for Individuals

Don’t Throw Old Electronics Away

Why Recycle with NERDiT NOW

E-Waste is a global problem. It is illegal to put electronics in a dumpster. More importantly, we can do better! 

    • Recycle Responsibly – NERDiT Recycles is here to help you be part of the solution.
    • Recycle anything – Computers, tablets, phones, consoles. If you have old electronics, we will recycle or repair them to donate.
    • Help your neighbors – When you recycle devices to NERDiT, you are helping create new jobs in your community and the device you recycle can find a second life with a person who really needs it.
Computer repairing computer hardware in service center of the disassembled broken computer
Service man opens backside topcase cover of computer laptop before repairing, cleaning and fixing it with his professional tools from toolkit box near on wooden table front view

How to Recycle Your Old Electronics


Let us know the type and condition of your device and we will tell you its trade-in value. Or you can donate to our sister nonprofit, NERDiT Cares, and we will use it to train a young person preparing for an IT Career

Responsible Recycling

Meeting the R2 Standard means you can be confident that all your data will be securely destroyed and that none of your old electronics will end up in a landfill or be dumped in a developing country.

Community Impact

By Recycling with us, you will be making a local impact. We proudly participate in certified Apprenticeship and pre-Apprenticeship programs and donate at least 50% of recycled devices to individuals, families, and nonprofits that need them.


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